Gloria Food Clover Integration2023-03-21T14:20:13-05:00

Gloria Food & Clover Integration

Free 14 day trial for new users then $14.99/month + $49 set up fee.

Ditch the tablets and easily move orders from Gloria Food online ordering to your Clover POS system. Set up fee will be charged after trial is complete. Expedited set up available, please contact for details and pricing. All products will need to be mapped and registration completed before any orders will transfer.

Available Add Ons For A One Time Fee

  1. Orders auto marked as paid
  2. Fulfillment time sent to Clover for scheduled and order ahead orders
  3. Delivery Address sent to Clover for in house deliveries

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*Free trial for new users*

How long does it take to set up the Clover integration?2023-01-20T14:17:53-06:00

Currently  the set up process takes 5-7 days. This allows us the time needed to map out the restaurants inventory, check settings, and make sure orders are moving from Gloria Food to your Clover POS correctly.

Can you auto accept orders?2023-01-20T14:19:58-06:00

YES! Once your integration is live, you can set your online ordering to auto accept. When a customer orders, the system will auto accept the order and send it to your Clover POS.

Do we still need to use the tablet with the Clover integration?2023-01-20T14:22:41-06:00

If you are not using auto accept you will need a tablet to accept the orders. If you are using auto accept, you can bypass the tablet all together.

How can I view reports?2023-01-20T14:23:59-06:00

You can view reports in Clover or Gloria Food. In Clover, you can view your online orders by filtering the just show the online orders.

Can a customer place a scheduled order?2023-02-08T14:16:21-06:00

YES! If you would like to accept schedule ahead orders, you can choose to have the fulfillment time printed on your order receipt. There is a one time fee of $50 to enable this function.

How much is the service?2023-01-20T14:26:58-06:00

Our monthly service charge is $14.99.

Why are their add on fees?2023-01-20T14:28:23-06:00

We understand that not everyone needs every function. In order to keep our monthly service charge low, we allow customers to choose the options they need to ensure they are receiving their orders and all of the information that they choose without paying for options they do not need.

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