Order Integrations

Orders directly into your POS!

Decrease order mistakes and simplify your online taking order process by having your online orders go into your POS once they are accepted. Our integrations are POS specific and designed with your staff in mind.

Our integrations are easy to set up, our staff and video library is at your disposal in getting your integration set up. If you do not see an integration specific to your POS please contact us and we can see if an API is available for a custom integration.

Get Started Today!

Our online ordering is so much simpler with our orders moving directly from online to Focus POS. Our staff loves it and has increased our take out customer satisfaction. Well worth the minimal monthly cost.


As a counter service restaurant we needed to free up our servers for our in house customers, having our orders directly submitted to Clover allows our server to focus on those that are at the counter.


Our orders can have a lot of substitutions and add-ons. Having our orders sent directly into our POS and our printers fire off at the proper stations has stopped order input errors and sped up our online ordering.